Factory Wholesale Salon Printer Machine 3D Nail Art Printer with Nail Stamping

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100000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
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1, after buying

1., remove the India head, cotton dipped in a shower of water, scouring plastic head a few times, so that the plastic head is vague, otherwise it will not transfer the design;

2. remove the protective film from the pattern board;

Note: do not press the squeegee. Push the nose to the front when the panel is not released. This will cause the scraper to stick. In this case, do not force back and forth pulling. Press the loosening button on the sides of the machine head, and gently scrape the scraper with a sharp thin tool.

2, before painting

1. place the drawing machine horizontally on the glass surface or the polished tabletop, pull the suction handle forward, fix the drawing machine and place the head in the center of the machine.

2. simple repairs, clean nails, can be coated with a layer of oil (any nail polish on the market can be, but be sure to use the random distribution of the painted patterns for nail polish) or light oil to enhance the color of the nail surface, until completely dry before painting.

3, when painting

1. loosen the nail locator, lock the handle, place your finger on the finger locator, push the nail locator on the finger, and place the nail outside the finger tip above the positioner. The center will be shown in the center line of the position of the printed pattern (see Figure two) to change the nail on the position of the pattern, to slide the finger. After you have decided the position, you must turn the locking handle counterclockwise with the radian;

2. place your favorite pattern board in a recessed pattern plate locator, with the smallest number (monochrome pattern "0", and multicolor pattern starting from "1") placed in the center of the fuselage. The nail polish coating to determine the love pattern (see Figure three), then the head push over the pattern plate until completely stopped, quickly press the print head, then head back, until completely stopped, and once again press the print head, the pattern is transferred to your nails. (see Figure four), will head back to the center of the machine.

Attention: the process of painting is required to be a little faster, or the nail polish may be killed before the pattern is transferred to the nail;

3. to paint multicolor pattern, the first pattern in the layers can be printed on after picking up the pattern plate and counter clockwise to the next layer sequence pattern (pattern of the first layer is "1", "2", the second layer in sequence on);

4. repeat the second steps.

Note that when multicolor patterns are painted, between the layers and layers, keep the fingers in the locator as much as possible so that the patterns are properly printed.

5. in addition to the nail, also can put any local pattern transfer toes, cups, and trinkets such as mobile phone you want to print the operating sequence and painted nails, as long as the printing head out, you want to direct printing to a place where you can print;

Wrong printing problems such as 6. in mobile phone and other precious jewelry plastic on the surface of the printed pattern, until completely dry after the nail gently scraped can, do not use light oil coating, also do not use a water wash clean, otherwise it will corrode the plastic surface;

In 7. of the six or seven designs painted on both sides of the head, the scraper press the release button, the scraper will bounce (with a finger supporting scraper so as not to fly), (see Figure five) with a cotton swab dipped in a water wash cleaning scraper around, try to keep it clean, clean after the scraper back into the machine head. Hard pressed, that must be heard two rattle, and the head flush, otherwise it will cause a diffuse pattern (see Figure six);

8. cleaning prints will be required in the following circumstances;

(1) the previous design could not be transferred completely;

(2) forget to put the scraper in position or not press it fully with the head;

(3) after printing ten or so designs

4, after painting

1. in the design of a little decoration (such as core, animal eyes and other places do you think need embellishment on the bright pink or diamond) protection pattern and finally rubbed light oil, to avoid scraping or fade.

2. use cotton swabs dipped in a washing water, cleaning scraper and pattern board (design board, take out cleaning, so as not to dirty the fuselage).

Operation method:

1, on their nails painted with ordinary nail polish (available for sale), to be dry;

2, the most in the nail above evenly coated with a layer of bright oil, dry;

3. Choose the template pattern attached to the product. Apply a little oil to the selected pattern. Then use a scraper to scrape off the painted oil from the inside out;

4. Transfer the pattern of the template at the head of the transfer cap and quickly transfer the pattern to the specified part of the nail;

5. After about 10 seconds, finish the painting when the nail polish is completely dry;

6. Repeat the above operation on other nails;

This machine is easy to operate, simple and easy, suitable for the consumers of different ages, at the age of five years old children, can be in a few minutes, ten minutes to all the machine process, make the effect is no less than to have many years of experience in the professional division of Manicure Manicure.